Curly knew some people who were running a little barter bar at the other end of town. As the sun set, we loaded up our backpacks with extra clothes, limes to use as trade goods, flashlights, water bottles, glowsticks, and such, and hopped on our bikes.

To experience motion as an abstraction, bicycle on salt flats at dusk. Curly and I pedaled in silence, watching the city slide away beside us, propelled by the motion of our wheels.

The bar was an actual wooden bar, trucked in from wherever. They'd hung a dartboard from one corner of their pavilion. The pool table was just made of plywood painted green. It didn't lack for players though-I could hardly get near it. I traded a lime for a drink and talked with a few random strangers. Eventually, Curly came by. He had an extravagant plan for a project for next year. He wanted to do a roving hot tub. He was talking about mounting an entire Jacuzzi on wheels, and driving it around the playa.

I was a little skeptical. "How are you going to power it?"

"Off the truck's motor!" he declared impatiently. "You see the genius of it? It all fits together!"

"Do you have the technical skills for something like that?"

"Not yet, but a year's a long time!"

"From this end it is. So what happened with the restaurant project you were talking about last year?"

"Never really got going on that," Curly admitted. "What's your point?" I suspected he knew.

It was still early by Burningman time when I started to droop. The party was still going strong so I biked back alone, passing in the darkness through successive zones of music from various dance tents, the desert wind cutting through my clothes to chill my skin.

It felt good to slip inside my sleeping bag, put in my earplugs, and curl up for the night.

Some time later, Amanda's chilly body slid in next to me. "Hey, what you been up to?" I asked sleepily.

"I went dancing with Tanya," she said. I could hear her grin in the dark. I made a noncommittal noise.

"She's a great kisser," she whispered, her breath hot against my face as she leaned in.

"That intuition or hearsay?"


"I was afraid of that. Okay, let's hear the story."

"Oh, and speaking of stories, I hear we broke up `cause I'm a dyke."

"Um... was that a secret?"

"Well, it's not exactly the whole story. There was the job offer in Philly coming at the same time you were falling for your best friend's girlfriend.

"Oh god. The Molly debacle. Don't remind me."

"I didn't particularly want to stick around for the fallout from that," she continued smugly. "You and Andrew on speaking terms again yet?"

"So you kissed her," I changed the subject.

"Yeah, we made out for a while at Spacelounge. I dunno what the deal is now. When we walked back here, she was acting kinda like nothing had happened.

"How far'd it go?" She cupped one of her hands over my face. The smell on her fingers was sharp and pungent. I took her wrist and inhaled deeply, savoring it. "At Spacelounge?!"

"A little," she admitted, "It was pretty dark. Then a little more out on the playa."

"So, how'd it start?"

"Oh, you know... we.... You can let go of my wrist now, by the way."

Reluctantly, I did so.

"If you want more, there's a real good supply nearby," Amanda said, and guided my hand between her legs and under the stretchy fabric of her briefs. The skin of her stomach was still cool, but the mouth of her cunt was slick and hot. I slid two fingers inside and we both gasped. "Jesus, you're wet!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, rub my clit, Amanda demanded.

I did so, my fingers swimming in her slickness. "So, how did it start, I asked again."

"Well," she said, her hips shoving against my fingers. "We were dancing, and then we were talking...a little slower, Vinnie...and then we were cuddling, and then we were kissing... And then she was bent over, begging me to fuck her."

"And then she was thanking you for a lovely evening and showing you the door."

Amanda was tugging at her nipples now, twisting them roughly between thumb and forefinger. "Um... basically."

"So who started it?"

"Wait a second... faster... a little lower. Oh, yeah...." Amanda grunted a few times, jerked against my hand, and slumped to her mattress again.

`So who started it?" I persisted.

Amanda was still gasping a little. "Hold on a second...if I have to give you all the details, I may as well make myself comfortable." She surged out of our sleeping bag, pushed her underwear the rest of the way off, and started to straddle my shoulders. "Comfy?" she asked, running her fingers through my hair.


She lowered herself onto my face and I went to work lapping away slowly.

"So we started out at this place that was playing funk and hip- hop. We danced for a while there. The place got hotter and hotter, and crowdeder and... is that a word?"


"So we started bumping up against each other. At first it was accidental, but then it was like a game. We were kinda shoving like in a mosh pit, but it was more grindy and sexy." Amanda was starting to rock her hips against my face. Her hands were cupping her breasts.

"Then Tanya grabbed my hand and hauled me out of there. We found a barter bar. I gave them a couple of limes, and we piled onto a couch together with our drinks. It was pretty chilly in there, but Tanya's skin was still hot and a little damp from the dancing. We kinda cuddled while we talked and drank. She has a wonderful laugh."

Now Amanda's hands were back in my hair, pressing my face against her slippery folds. Her voice was quivering a little. "When I finished my drink, I put my cup down, and started to put my arms around her, but she was off the sofa and dragging me back out to Esplanade before I could do it. We hit a couple of rave domes as we headed along. At the raves, she was pretty much dancing for herself, though. She didn't pay much attention to me, and that was fine. I was having fun dancing, too. "

The force of Amanda's mons against my nose was a little painful now, but I'm willing to suffer for my art. Her sentences were interspersed with gasps and groans. "Between raves, she'd put her arm around my waist as we walked along. Eventually, we got to Spacelounge, which had kind of a lower-energy feel. Even though it was less crowded there, we started dancing close to each other again. I brushed my tits against hers a couple of times as we shook our bodies. She leaned in and said, `I think they like me,' pointing to my boobs.

"`They like you a lot,' I told her."

I lapped in silence for a moment. "And then?" I asked, only it sounded like: "Uff sem?"

"Shh," Amanda said, "gimmie a minute," and resumed rocking. I kept to her clit as well as I could, given a moving target, and drummed at it hard, squeezing her broad soft ass with my hands. After a minute or so, she squeezed my head painfully between her thighs, groaned between clenched teeth, then rolled off me to sprawl by my side. I was starting to drift off by the time she spoke again: "Where was I?"

"Your breasts like her."

"Oh yeah. We got drinks and moved to the chill tent. It felt really quiet and dark after the dance floor, and we curled up together on one of the couches. I rubbed my breasts against her in time to the music from the dance tent. I was like, `They definitely like you.' She smiled. `I like them too.' Things were starting to get intense. I went, `Do you?' and she nodded. I took her drink and put it on the table, then I took her wrists and brought her hands up and pressed them against my tits."

I reached over and cupped Amanda's soft, heavy bare breasts. "Like this?" I asked.

"Yeah... You got a hard-on?"

"See for yourself." I guided her hand to my cock.

She stroked it slowly and firmly, her skin cool against my throbbing prick. "So, you got her hands on your breasts," I prompted her.

"She was squeezing my boobs really nicely, and we kissed, and she was just totally opened up, y'know? I could feel her whole body kissing me. It was really hot. I think I made a little noise in my throat, then I was just all over her. I rolled on top of her... we almost fell off the sofa... then I got my legs between hers and I was grinding against her as she squeezed my tits."

"Ooh, faster, Amanda," I moaned.

"You want me to rub your dick faster?"


"Like this?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah."

"Or maybe I'll slow down again... I like the way you squirm when I tease you."

"You were grinding against her..."

"Yeah. I ran my hands over her face, she took two of my fingers in her mouth and sucked on them as I nuzzled her neck. I pushed her shirt up and buried my face between her firm little titties for a moment before fastening my lips on one big nipple and sucking at it as I ground my hips against hers. After some floundering around, I got my hand up under her skirt, and I was stroking those strong thighs of hers, and then I had my hand against the thick wiry hair of her cunt. I ran a finger between her lips, and once I got a little inside, she was so hot and wet.

"She was moaning, and then she was like, `Um, Amanda?' I looked up. People on the other couches were doing a really shitty job of pretending to be not noticing us. I sat up very straight, and twiddled my thumbs and hummed for a moment while Tanya covered herself back up. I was like, `Sorry. Guess I got a little carried away,' and she was like, `I think I need my drink.'

"So we sat there for a minute and drank, and didn't say much. Then we threw away our cups, and walked out onto the playa. We weren't touching or talking—just walking away from the city, hearing the dance music fade away behind us. We ended up at this sculpture. I think it was a big typewriter made of plywood and rusted steel, but it was hard to tell in the dark. I know it hadn't been there two days ago when I went by during the day. Anyway, once we were close enough to the side to see that it was flat and sturdy enough, I pushed Tanya up against it and kissed her hard, cupping her head in my hands. She opened her mouth to me and moaned as I slid my hands over her waist. Soon I had my hand between her legs, cupping her cunt again. Her eyes shone in the dark, watching me watching her. We both groaned at the sensation as two of my fingers slid into her pussy. Vinnie, you want it faster?"

"Oh god..."

Amanda leaned down and licked a bead of precome off the head of my prick. She switched hands and continued telling her story: "Her hips shuddered as I found her fat clit with my thumb. She whispered `Fuck me' in my ear, and I got goose pimples all down my legs. I started jamming into Tanya's juicy cunt, our faces still just inches from each other. It was making that great wet noise, and she was going `Mmmm, mmm, mmm' each time my knuckles hit her groin. Are you getting close?"

In my haze of sensation, it took me a moment to realize she wanted a response. "I-think-so-don't-stop!"

She nodded and continued. "I pulled my hand out and turned her around, facing the sculpture thing. I pushed her shoulders forward and knelt behind that amazing ass of hers. I flipped the light skirt she was wearing up over her hips, and ran my hands over her butt. It was so round and firm! I ran my lips over the smooth skin, and bit at it a little. She went, `Don't tease!' `Tell me what you want,' I demanded. `Your fingers... put them in my pussy again.'

"Oh, god, Vinnie. there's something about the way she said `pussy.' I eased my fingers into her. She was pushing back at me with her hips, grinding her cunt against my knuckles with that slinky move she'd been doing in the dance tents. I tried to go slow, but soon I was jamming my fingers into her, putting my whole body into the motion. I crooked my fingers down to her G- spot and pressed, and her whole body tensed up. I could feel the muscles in her thighs bunching like an electric shock was going through her. She let out this long, low wail, and her cunt pulsed against my fingers a few times.

"You gonna come, Vinnie? Your balls are tightening up. You gonna come thinking about this hand on your cock sliding inside Tanya's juicy pussy? Do you see her coming? Do you see her shaking that gorgeous ass as I take her over the top?" Amanda's patter was getting to me and I groaned and twitched as she rapidly tugged at my prick. Then I pulsed, and semen spattered over my stomach, my chest, and my neck.

Amanda rummaged among the junk at the foot of the tent for a moment. "Wet nap?" she offered.

"Thanks." I began mopping up.

"I started to stand up again," she continued her story, "but Tanya turned around and pushed me down to the playa on my back, then collapsed on top of me laughing. She kissed me a few times, then laughed again."

"And then...?"

"After we'd lain there on the ground a few minutes, we walked back here. Tanya gave me a hug, said, "That was lots of fun," and disappeared into her tent."

"Huh. How do you feel?"

"A little confused—pretty good. I'm not sure if I won, or I'm just winning."

"Heh." I rolled into a spoon position with her. "Time will tell, I guess," and I fell back asleep.

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