The boy tied to the frame seemed to have sensitive nipples. Certainly, when the giggling girls in blue polo shirts started tugging at them, his bucking increased dramatically.

I poked my head around from the other side, annoyed. "Could you guys cool it a minute? I'm trying to read."

"Sorry, Mr. Tesla," one girl said. When there's a new visitor on Nantahack Island, word does seem to get out.

"Please call me Vinnie," I said. "Only telemarketers and my old history prof call me Mr. Tesla."

"Sorry, Mr. Te— I mean... Vinnie," she corrected herself, blushing.

Now I felt kind of bad for being so crabby. They were just doing their job, after all—sexual torture of initiates was a major part of their job as midshipmen... and considerably more fun than scrubbing barnacles off hulls. And the one who'd spoken was a very pretty girl—heavily freckled with short brown hair, her eyes faintly slanted up in a rather mischievous look. "I'll be done in a minute. And it's not like he's going anywhere," I quipped.

They chuckled politely and I felt kind of dumb. Oh, well. I went back to my perusal. Combining a community bulletin board with a St. Andrews cross seemed like a pretty ingenious idea when I first saw it, but it turns out to have its inconveniences in practice.

The notices weren't actually very interesting, but Emily was only going to be a few minutes getting stuff at the General Store, so it didn't have to engross me for long. Yoga classes... babysitting services... guitar lessons...

I took a look at the Yacht Club calendar of events: The promised movie nights. A bunch of public deflowerments, including Tina's from last week (Jeez, they actually had me listed as Mystery Guest! How cheesy is that?), some actual sailing lessons...

"Hey lover," Emily chirped behind me, and nipped the back of my neck lightly. "All done!"

"What's Game Night?" I asked her. "Is that like Magic: The Gathering and stuff?"

"Oh, no. That would be Games Night, which isn't till Thursday. Saturday is The Most Dangerous Game of All," she intoned significantly, doing a gesture I can only describe as the Jazz Hands Of Mystery.

"You mean Russian Roulette?"

"No, silly"

"I Never?"


"Strip Jai-Alai? Duck hunting with Dick Cheney?"

"Man, you idiot. The most dangerous game of all is man."

"Huh. I'd have said women were at least twenty percent more dangerous."

"Say forty or I'll sock you."

"Forty percent. At a minimum."

"Good boy. Did you get bored without me?"

"Nah. I had these nice girls to keep me entertained."

Emily poked her head around the corkboard, which was shaking again.

"Good morning, sir!" chorused two voices at once. A third muffled one appeared to be the bound boy attempting to echo them with a gag in his mouth.

Emily cocked her head toward the girls. "Oh, dear. It's Alice and Dinah. Watch out, they're trouble." The one who'd spoken earlier pouted, but kept silent.

Emily glared at her sternly. "Have you been hitting on my boyfriend, Dinah?" she demanded.

"No, sir!" Dinah squeaked at once. "Honest!"

Emily clucked her tongue sadly. "Then I'll just have to go back inside and give you couple minutes to get going," she said, "Don't disappoint me." And she strode back towards the General Store.

I linked my hands and watched them with an attempt at a neutral expression; I suspect that a little grin was twitching at the corner of my lips. Alice ducked behind the messageboard. Dinah, with obvious effort, raised her eyes to meet mine. "Um, she said. "Um..."

Behind Dinah, Emily was leaning in the doorframe of the General Store, watching. I suppressed the urge to wink at her.

"Would you like to... um... kiss me?" Dinah squeaked, apparently unable to come up with a suitably concise preamble.

"I dunno." I said. "Are you a good kisser?"

"Uh-huh!" she nodded at once.

"Can you prove it?"

She looked around. Alice was doing her best to be invisible. "I could show you on him," she said, inclining her head toward the bound boy.

I nodded assent, and she approached him. His mouth was a good two feet above hers, as well as being gagged, but, on tiptoes, her pointed little tongue could easily reach one tight nipple. He groaned through his gag, and his cock bounced against her stomach. Apparently by instinct, her hand reached up and grasped it, while her tongue continued to tease. The boy's hips jerked, humping his groin against her fist so that the slick head of his cock appeared and disappeared between her fingers.

As his groans rose in pitch and tempo, she whirled away from him, leaving his bare cock twitching. "How was that?" she asked eagerly.

"Not bad," I conceded, stepping towards her. "Evil, but not bad." I put an arm around her waist, tilted her jaw up with my other hand, bent down towards her. Her mouth parted, her eyes fluttered shut.

"Time's up!" Emily called merrily from the doorway.

"Shit," Dinah muttered quietly, stepping backwards.

Emily skipped back over to me while Dinah tried to regain her composure.

"Sixty percent," I said when she arrived at my side.

Emily nodded, acknowledging the compliment "It's not just me," she said. "Don't let her good manners fool you. Dinah's more dangerous than she looks. Here—check this out."

"Come here," she ordered Dinah, who hesitantly stepped forward. Her hand shot out and took the girl by the scruff of the neck, and ignoring her squeaks, tugged her over to the face the bound boy on the board. "Hands against the frame, ass out." Emily ordered.

Dinah hurried to comply. Bent over, her face was about level with the bound boy's genitals. Grinning, Emily reached around, unfastened Dinah's shorts, and tugged them down, immediately followed by her underwear. Firm, broad, flawless cheeks, generously sprinkled with dark freckles, were exposed. "Aww!" Emily cooed. "The pretty bruises I gave you last week are all gone! I'll have to swat you a little harder next time, huh?"

Dinah swallowed audibly. "Yes, sir."

"This is a dangerous ass all by itself," Emily said to me, "but watch this:"

She ran her fingernails down one cheek, provoking squirms and shudders as Dinah struggled to remain in position. Over the next few seconds, raised pink welts appeared in parallel lines where Emily's fingers had run.

"Pretty!" I said admiringly.

"That's just the beginning of this little fuckmonkey's bag of tricks."


Emily shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, fuckmonkey."

"That's a terrible word!" I sputtered.

"It's fun to say", she insisted, her fingernails tracing over Dinah's lower back, leaving curving pink trails behind.

"It is not," I insisted.

"Try saying it a few times."

I rolled my eyes, but complied. "Fuckmonkey, fuckmonkey, fuckmonkey."


"Fuckmonkey, fuckmonkey, fuckmonkey. Fuckmonkey-fuckmonkey-fuckmonkey-fuckmonkey-fuckmonkey. Fuckmonkey!"


I hesitated.


"Okay, it's pretty fun to say."

"I know what I'm talking about," Emily said smugly, then turned her attention back to Dinah. She reached her hand between her bare legs and the younger girl moaned at the touch. "Damn, you're wet, girl! " she exclaimed.

"I... was having fun with Jason." Dinah mumbled, her face pressed against her former victim's belly. "

"I'll bet." The muscles in Emily's forearm flexed, and Dinah cried out. Then Emily withdrew her hand, fingers shining.

"Feel this, Vinnie, " she said, gesturing to the intersection of thighs and buttocks where her own hand had penetrated."

"Um..." I hesitated."

"Go ahead. Dinah doesn't mind, do you sweetheart?"

"Um, Nuh—" the girl began, before her mouth was stuffed with Emily's wet fingers.

"Suck, girl, "Emily ordered. "We don't want you making too much noise while Vinnie puts his hand in your gooey little hole."

Hesitantly, I stepped up, ran a hand over Dinah's cool, resilient cheeks, then down into the heated furrow between them. She squirmed back against my hand, apparently eager for the contact. I felt damp curly hair, then found her slick little opening, and pressed a finger inside, then two. She arched her back and bounced her hips against my hand eagerly.

"Okay," Emily said. "Now squeeze, Dinah."

Dinah arched her ass out a little further and moaned around the fingers in her mouth. "Ow!" I said. "Holy shit!"

Emily giggled. "How'd you like to feel that on your cock?"

"I'm... really not sure." I admitted, withdrawing, with some effort, my slightly sore knuckles from between Dinah's thighs.

"Well, you don't have to decide right now," Emily told me. "I have other uses for you.

Dinah made a little moan of disappointment when Emily pulled her shorts back up and reached around to snap them shut.

Emily cupped Dinah's chin. "I'll see you tomorrow at sailing class, right?"

Dinah nodded eagerly.

Emily took my hand and tugged me back towards the house.

"So you want to go to Game Night?" she asked me.

"You want to tell me what it actually is?"

"And ruin the surprise? C'mon. The mosquito lobby has promised me five bucks for every person I persuade to go."

"You do make a compelling case...."

Flickering red light from tiki torches illuminated the crowd—largely (like Tina) Yacht Club age, with some (like Emily and me) a little older, and a few (like Emily's mom)substantially older. (Her dad had begged off, claiming his ankle didn't like running around in the woods.) Only the little phalanx of middies clustered around a little wooden platform at one end of the clearing and the one officer in front of them were in uniform, distinguished also by the glowsticks draped around their necks. When we arrived, we'd each written our names on slips of paper and dropped them into a box.

"What was that for?" I asked Emily.

"You'll see," she grinned. I had a guess.

The young man in the red shirt stepped up onto the platform and the crowd noise subsided. "Okay, everybody!" he called. Next to him the tight knot of middies scanned the crowd intently.

He reached into the box, swirled his hand around ostentatiously, and pulled out a slip, which he squinted at in the fitful light. "Dinah Moran," he called out. A half dozen middies sprang forward, shoving their way roughly into the crowd. They disappeared from my line of sight, and then there was a shriek and a dozen hands were pushing a squirming body aloft.

"Dinah, do you consent to be our prey tonight?" the boy with the box said, a little pompously.

"Um, yes," the lifted girl said, barely audible. At once the hands were tugging at her clothes, untying her hiking boots, removing her glasses. Her shirt was pulled up, her bra unfastened. For a moment her face was concealed, her arms bound in fabric as her breasts rolled about, her nipples dark puckers in the cool night air. Her pants were jerked down her hips.

In a moment, she was completely bare. Her socks were pulled back on, her boots slipped over each foot, then painstakingly tied. Her glasses were gently slid back onto her face, and the middies lifted her and carried her squirming bare form to the base of the platform, where she was set onto her feet, dazed, flushed, hair askew.

The blond officer was already rummaging in the box again. I felt a tightening in my throat as he scanned the next slip.

"Jamie Andrews!"

Again the middies plunged into the crowd, obtained consent, and stripped their quarry, setting him down by Dana. The two nude youths glanced at each other nervously before fixing their blushing faces on the ground.

"Emily Upham!" Suddenly the press of middies was beside me, grabbing my girlfriend and hauling her away. I shoved down a surge of inappropriate anger and panic. Em could sure as hell take care of herself.

"Emily, do you consent?" the boy asked, his tone notably more respectful, even tentative.

"Fuck yeah," she called back, provoking a wave of laughter and a few scattered whoops. "—But first you gotta catch me, Stubby." Amid more laughter, the boy's lips tightened. Tina nudged my shoulder. "He kinda hates that nickname," she whispered to me.

Set down, Emily looked by far the least naked of the three, hands resting confidently on her slender hips as she winked broadly in my direction.

More names were called, more audience members plucked from around us. "Sarah Upham," said the boy. Middies were beside me again, lifting Emily's mom into the air before my mind had time to make the connection. Her assent was calm. Stripped, she managed to ride the middies' lifted hands like a palanquin. Set down, she was looking straight at me. Somewhere off to my left the boy called another name. Her breasts were massive, round. They swayed heavily when she moved. The crowd jostled me as the middies pressed in, grabbed someone, lifted them. Her eyes hadn't left mine. She turned, displaying a magnificently broad round ass, still gazing at me over her shoulder. Then she smiled, swaying her hips slightly in my direction.

Emily leaned in towards her and said something brief, and she laughed. The spell was broken and I was aware of my surroundings again. Now mother and daughter were talking to each other in a low tone, giggling and glancing back in my direction repeatedly. Feeling my face heat, I repeated Oscar Wilde's dictum to myself: "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

Middies were tying little strips of black crepe-paper around each naked person's neck. "Any game who makes it to midnight without getting caught will receive..." he paused significantly. "...a fifteen-dollar gift certificate for Maria's Pizza and Subs!"

"Ooh!" said Tina. "It was only five dollars last year. I'd almost consider avoiding being caught for that, if I was game this year."

"I particularly like their subs," she added.

I opened my mouth to ask a question, then thought better of it.

"Those who are caught will receive... well, I'm sure you guys can come up with something." Stubby continued.

"Hunters, any game whose necklace you take is yours to enjoy. But be sure to make it kind of vicious," he added, waggling a finger at the crowd. "We had some reports last year of Game that wasn't made to suffer. You need to give those guys some incentive to run, or this just becomes another Saturday night orgy."

"Oh, Noes!" a heckler called out, to scattered giggles.

Stubby ignored the remark. "If this remains an issue, we're going back to mandatory paddlings next year—it's inconvenient, but it keeps things reliable.

"Now that's enough lecturing. Lets get this game started."

"Game," he said, addressing the naked beribboned cluster beside us. "Ready.... Set.... Go!" and a jostling mass of white buttocks disappeared into the woods.

"I think my mom likes you," Tina confided to me.

"I think a bear shits in the woods," I replied.

"Ew!" she wrinkled her nose. "I hope not. At least not here. I don't think there are any bears on Nantahack anyway."

On the podium, Stubby, eyes on his wristwatch, was slowly raising his arm."Hunters..." he called out, "Go!" The crowd whooped and surged forward. In a moment I was one of the few stragglers still in the clearing.

I stepped into the woods. The wet smell of green growing things struck me. As my eyes adjusted, I could make out flickering torches in several directions, and the full moon cast enough light that I was soon able to pick my way in relative safety. Crackling leaves all around me signified people—hunters or hunted—moving about in the dark.

I heard a shriek off to my left, then the sound of a struggle, then a steady counterpoint of smacks and moans. Cheers came from the woods around me.

A little later, I emerged into a torchlit clearing and found myself face to face with Mrs. Upham. She was standing at repose, watching me with a little smile on her face.

I took a step forward. She took an equal step back, and her smile broadened a hair. I understood—she'd bent the rules as much as she was willing, now I had to catch her. My cock was swelling, rising at the sight of her nude flesh, her confident, feminine stance. I gathered myself to spring at her, and—

—was struck from behind and went down in a tangle of limbs. "Sorry, sorry!" gasped a young male voice by my ear. Elbows and knees flailed dangerously around me as he scrambled to rise again. Tina bounded into the clearing, breathing heavily, just as he managed to make it to his feet. She sprang forward, tackling him to the ground once more, barely missing landing on top of me.

"Thanks, Vinnie" she gasped, struggling to pin him. "I—uh—almost lost him there. Hah!" the last triumphant shout coming as she managed to grab his crepe garland and rip it from his neck.

The boy beneath her slumped in defeat. She stood, took him by his shaggy hair, and pulled him, none too gently, to his feet, then looked him up and down appraisingly. He was a good half-foot taller than she, slender, with faint tufts of dark hair around his nipples.

"This is Jamie" she announced to me, her hand still gripping his hair. "Isn't he pretty? I've been wanting to get my hands on him for a while."

Like her, his face was flushed, his breath still quick from the chase and struggle. His cock, already a little swollen, twitched at her announcement.

"Uh, sure," I said. "I'm no connoisseur of manflesh, but he looks lovely."

"What should I do to you?" she said to him. "So many yummy options I can barely choose."

Standing beside him, she released his hair and twisted his hands around to the small of his back, holding them there with one hand. "First I think I'll get you hard..." One of her hands slid up the inside of his near thigh. "...then I'll keep you that way while you please me." With each pulse of his heartbeat, his cock thickened a little. "Keep you dreaming of the feel of my hot little mouth on this lovely head," she said, and flicked her tongue across one nipple, simultaneously tracing his cock's corona with her fingertips. It was rigid now, his hips flexing to try to get more contact with her teasing hand.

"Very good!" she told him and slapped at his cock so that it bobbed about. "Now get down on the ground. I want to use your mouth."

He looked at her, confused. "Down!" she insisted, and shoved at him. He fell onto his hands and knees, and she looked about the grassy clearing, picked a likely fallen log, and sat down on it. She kicked off her Birkenstocks, and wiggled her toes. "Come here, Jamie," she said. "Time for some toe-sucking."

He crawled to her. "Good slutboy," she told him. "Left foot first." Hesitantly, he bent down, then took her big toe in his mouth. His cheeks hollowed. "Look up," she ordered. His eyes met hers. "That's it," she said. "Just like that.

She leaned back and sighed with pleasure, and finally turned her attention back to me.

"You wanna share him?" she asked me, and her eyes gleamed "You did help me with the catch. And I'd love to see Jamie take a good fucking!" He whimpered around his mouthful of girl-toe. "Hush," she scolded him, and batted at his face lightly with her other foot. I noticed that his hips were gently rocking against the ground.

"No thank you," I said. "Looks like you have him well in hand already."

"Spoilsport. You'll stay and watch, though?" she pouted. "I'd like that."

"Sure." I said. "At least for a little while."

I sat down crosslegged against a treetrunk, and watched Tina feed Jamie one foot and then the other, arching her toes apart so he could run his tongue between, stretching his mouth open with her two big toes, while her hand unfastened the fly of her cargo shorts and crept inside. The breeze brought scents of pine, honeysuckle, ocean, and citronella. From other quarters of the woods I could see faintly flickering torches through the trees, hear running, slapping, distant moans and shrieks both male and female.

She stood and grinned down at him through a curtain of stray hair that had come loose from her ponytail. "Pull my shorts off now," she told him. "Underwear too. Now bring that clever mouth up here."

He shuffled forward on his knees, and was about to bury his face between her legs, when she stopped him. "Not so fast, eager boy. First kiss my thighs. Good. Now lick here." She traced the line where her inner thigh met her groin, and a moment later his tongue followed the same path. "Ye-e-e-ess," she breathed, "Now stop."

Shuddering, he fell back onto his knees.

She took his head in her hands and pushed. "Down," she ordered more firmly, and he complied.

She threw herself on the ground, lying back in the thick grass of the clearing, spreading her legs wide and beckoning him down once more. One hand was behind Jamie's head, pulling it up between her legs. "Oh, yeah!" she said, "get that tongue up in there! Nasty boy! That's it—nice and slow."

One hand pushed her t-shirt up, and her fingertips traced lightly over the points where her nipples strained against her sports bra. She looked over at me. "Kiss?" she said.

I got up and came over, brushed a strand of curly hair away from her face, and kissed her, sucking on her lower lip as she groaned into my mouth.

I scooted down and mouthed her fabric-covered breasts. "Yeah, yeah!" she said, beginning to bounce her hips rapidly. "Bite!"

I bit gently at her fat nipple, then a little harder as she groaned her approval between clenched teeth. Soon her bouncing hips accelerated further, then slowed as she jerked and cried out, Jamie groaning in pleasure or discomfort as she clamped her thighs around his head.

After she came, she turned to me and smiled happily. "Mmm, thanks," she murmured, and her lips brushed mine. Then she used her grip on his hair to pull Jamie up on top of her, his face flushed and shining. "Such a good boy," she purred, and kissed him deeply, then reached between them to grip his rigid cock in her fist. "Oh my God, you're so hard!" she told him. "I think it's time for some fucking now. What do you think?"

He nodded eagerly.

She stood and led him over to a tree, where she guided him, to his growing confusion, to lean forward, his hands against the broad trunk. Then she winked at me, and took a little bottle of lube out of her pocket, wet a couple fingers, and probed between the narrow cheeks of his ass.

Her other hand reached around to his cock and began slowly tugging at it. "Any boy with an ass as cute as yours has got to expect to be buggered from time to time. It's just irresistable," she cooed into his ear while he whimpered and squirmed. She stroked him slowly and firmly, watching his face with a delighted smile and slowly easing two fingers into his ass. "Such a lovely thick cock," she said. "You want to come so bad, don't you, Jamie?"

He hesitated, then nodded, blushing. Her hand accelerated on his cock. Her knuckles ground against the cheeks of his ass. "You want to squirt while we watch you?" she teased him. "You know I'm gonna make you lick it all up off my hand if you do..."

He arched forward, sucking air between his teeth, and she immediately withdrew her hand, running it up his belly to lightly stroke his nipples. "...but not yet," she said in a honeyed voice. "you're just too much fun to tease, sweet boy." Jamie whimpered plaintively.

Tina ran her fingertip over the slit in Jimmy's cock, scooping up a thick drop of precome. She raised the hand to his mouth. "Suck," she ordered him, and he took her fingers into his mouth, cheeks hollowing. Her hand then returned to his cock, and she continued stimulating him, taking care not to let him come, despite (or because of) his increasingly desperate noises.

With Tina's attention consumed by Jamie, I slipped off into the woods, eager now for victim of my own to vent my accumulated excitement on.

Shrieks and slaps sounded from many directions as I made my way through the darkness. Unsure about the appropriateness of interrupting the in-progress play of strangers, I tried to pick out what might be the sounds of yet-uncaught Game. It wasn't easy.

With barely a sound, a slender figure dropped off a tree-branch in front of me. It was Emily. She pressed me up against a trunk, and kissed me hard, grinding her hips against my hard-on. "Hey, lover," she whispered.

"Aren't I supposed to be chasing you?" I asked her.

"No, silly, you're not. Tonight you should be hunting fresh meat."

"I dunno," I said. "The Great White hunter's starting to think he should maybe stick to GORP."

"Don't give up," she said. "the night's young." Then, in a whisper: "And Dinah Moran is hiding in that tree over there. And I happen to know she thinks you're a hottie."

I quietly absorbed that information. "Did you manage to make Stubby find you?" I asked.

She laughed. "Oh, yeah. You'll see the bite marks in the morning. He's so cute when he's mad."

"Well, I'm—"

Nearby, footsteps approached.

"Bye, sugar." Her lips brushed mine, and she was off before I could respond.

I watched her pert little ass appreciatively as she bounded into the mottled dark of the deep woods. Gosh, what a sweetie!

The footsteps wandered off in another direction.

I got up feeling energized, and looked around for a moment. Then I trotted off, past Dinah's tree, out of the clearing. Behind a broad trunk I froze and waited. If my deception was successful, she'd think I was well gone now. A minute later, she slowly made her way to the ground, Her plump little ass stuck out appealingly as she she hesitantly clambered from branch to branch. For a moment I entertained fancies of grabbing her immediately, playing with her exposed parts while she clung to the branches to keep from falling. But instead, I held still.

Once on the ground, she paused for a moment, almost within arm's reach. I could have jumped her then, but it didn't seem sporting.

She stepped into the middle of the clearing, head darting about nervously. An idea struck me: I bent down and found a good-sized pebble, then threw it into a bush on the far side of the clearing.

She started, then bolted towards me, trying to escape the fancied pursuit behind her. Grinning, I reached out my arms, and grabbed her as she went by, eliciting a breathless shriek as we tumbled down onto the grass, her on her belly, me straddling her, with my erection pressed up against that delectable behind.

She struggled feebly against me, her compact body squirming and writhing, her sweet ass sending shivers of pleasure up my spine as she inadvertently (I think) ground against my cock. I held her waist fast until her struggling subsided a bit, her torso heaving beneath me as she gasped for breath. "Now," I whispered in her ear, bringing my hand to her throat, "I believe I get to claim my prize."

"What—?" she said. "Who—?" She twisted hard, trying to get a look at my face, but I held her fast. I found that I kind of liked the idea of being an anonymous cock and pair of hands for now.

She yelped as one of those hands twisted, drawing the paper tight around her neck for a moment, before it tore and I wadded it up and stuffed it into my pocket.

I pinned her hands over her head. "Now. Lets see what I've caught." My other hand slid down her heaving flank to the smooth expanse of her bottom. Her ass was at least as tempting now as it had looked when she was climbing from the tree. "I'm gonna spank you now, Dinah," I whispered. "You can make as much noise as you like, but you're not to move your hands from where they are now. Do you understand?"

She hesitated a moment, then nodded. She hadn't finished her nod when the first blow hit her. She sucked air through her nose, squeaked a bit. "Good girl," I told her.

I struck the other cheek a little harder. Her hands clenched into fists, and her ass waggled from side to side. Another blow connected and she yelped. Cheers answered us from several directions in the forest. She buried her face between her arms in embarrassment. A few more, and then I probed between her legs. Ah hah!

"You. Are. Soaking." I told her. I held my fingers in front of her face. "See?"

Dinah surprised my by darting forward and taking my fingers into her mouth and sucking avidly, her mouth as startlingly hot as her cunt.

"Turn over," I said, and nudged her. She flipped onto her back. I brushed a few blades of grass and little twigs off her plump little tits, then my hand lingered, squeezing and stroking.

Dinah got her first clear view of me. "Mister Te—I mean, Vinnie!" she gasped.

"That's right. Looks like you managed to seduce me after all. Good job there."

I squeezed one soft breast, the nipple tightly puckered in the cool night air. I tugged a bit and she squealed and tried to tug her hands out of my grip, rolling from side to side.

"Lovely sensitive tits," I said. My hand moved up. "Pretty lips.." I pressed her chin downward. "Open," I ordered, more sternly. I kissed her then, flicking my tongue at her lips for a moment, then shoving my mouth against hers, holding her open to take me on. I pulled back.

"Oh," she said.

Now my hand sought downward, stroking her thighs for a moment, then gliding through the broad patch of thin fur on her mound. Her mouth opened wide as my hand dropped between her legs. "Your lips are so swollen," I said, delighted.

She nodded almost imperceptibly.

Straddling her torso, I shuffled up until her face was level with my groin and ground the bulge in my shorts against her face. "Open my pants," I demanded, my voice ragged. When she had my cock out, she took it in one hand and rubbed her cool cheek against it.

"You want to be a good little cocksucker for me?" I said.

"Uh huh," she breathed.

"Show me."

Her hand tightened on my shaft, and she brought her mouth down over the head. I groaned, letting her work her magic on me. She was soft and eager, and soon I was in danger of coming in her mouth, but that wasn't in my plans. I stood and kicked my shorts off hastily. "Ass up, Dinah, " I ordered. "You're gonna get fucked now."

She scrambled onto her knees, watched over her shoulder with wide eyes as I shuffled up behind her. I reached down and found the mouth of her cunt, hot and slick. I pressed the head of my cock against it. "Oh!" she said.

Being a gentlemen and all (when it suits me), I tried to start out slow, but I was so turned-on, and she was wriggling her ass so appealingly, that it wasn't long before I was pounding at her, my hands at her waist slamming her back against me with every stroke. Each time I shoved my cock home, she would wail as she braced herself to withstand my onslaught. I reached down and gripped her hair, then pulled her head back, so her back was arched, her arms rigid. I gnawed at her neck as I fucked her, and she moaned helplessly.

Out of the corner of my eye, a floating green oval in the forest resolved into a middie with a glowstick around his neck. He crouched down to get a look at the girl beneath me. "Hey, Dynamo," he said, "Looks like you managed to get yourself caught."

"Tim, he—ah, ah, ah—-tricked me!" Dinah protested, while I continued to pound the shit out of her.

"Dynamo?" I said, intrigued.

He grinned at me. "Yeah. 'cause once you get started, there's no stopping her. You'll see."

He leaned forward. "Hey, want to know a trick?"

"Sure," I said.

He pulled a bottle of lube out of his pocket and held it out. I extended one hand, and he poured a few drops onto my fingertips. "Rub that into her asshole." he stage-whispered.

"Tim!"she protested, "That's—aaaooooooohh! Oh my God!"

I cried out in answer as her internal muscles gripped my cock.

And that was just from the contact of my fingers—I hadn't even penetrated her ass yet yet.

Tim chuckled set the lube bottle down carefully beside us, and leaned down to kiss Dinah on the cheek. "Have fun, guys," he said, and disappeared again.

I turned my attention to working my little playmate's asshole, eliciting an impressive menagerie of shrieks, groans, and whimpers as one, then two, then three fingers found themselves stretching that clenching little rim. Each thrust of my painfully hard cock produced a clench in her sphincter that squeezed my bunched fingers together.

I popped my cock out of her, and Dinah whimpered, squirming her ass back to try to find it again, incidentally impaling her asshole further on my hand. I gripped her waist while I slowly pulled my fingers out.

With an extra dollop of lube from the bottle on my already-slick cock, I pressed the swollen head against her little knot of muscle. "You ready to get buggered now, Dinah?" I asked her.

"Uh-huh," she breathed, squirming in little circles against my cockhead.

"What do you say?" I prompted.


"Please what?"

"Please, sir?"

I chuckled.

She tried again: "Please fuck my aa—aa—-aooooh!" her voice rose into a cry as I slowly pressed her open until the head of my cock was lodged inside.

Her hand was at her cunt now, rubbing furiously. Before I was completely inside her, she was calling out, her ass clamping down on me as her whole body went rigid. She gulped for air for a moment afterwards, then found her voice. "More?" she said. And I finished my stroke, pushing into her, until my belly was pressed against her, with her rapidly-working fingers brushing my balls. "More!" she demanded, and I started working my cock inside her. "Yes, yes, yes," she sobbed, rocking back to meet each short stroke. I increased the force and length of my fucking until, sooner than I'd expected, my own voice rose to meet hers as my fingers dug into her hips and I spent myself inside her bowels.

When my head cleared, I noticed that we'd attracted a small audience. One boy with light, curly hair stepped forward, tugging his shorts down. "D'you mind?" he asked me cheerily, offering a hand up.

I took his hand instinctively, not sure what etiquette called for me to say, and he helped me to my feet.

"More, please?" Dinah said, her eyes on him as she waggled her elevated ass, a dribble of my come running down one of her thighs. He kicked off his shorts, got down on his knees, and, with no preliminaries, entered her rather roughly. "Oh, yes, oh, yes!" she chanted as he began to fuck her ass.

Feeling a bit of a fifth wheel, I began to gather my discarded clothes, when Dinah's hand shot out and grabbed my wrist with surprising force, tugging me down face-to-face with her. She kissed me hard, hungrily, still crying out into my mouth as her ass was steadily fucked. Her face was hot and damp, her mouth wet and very, very eager. Then she put her head down between her arms and began to come again. The boy in her ass looked like he was getting close already, and two nearby boys were playing rock-paper-scissors, presumably for the on-deck position. As I got up, a small woman in round glasses and a tanktop sat down in front of her and spread her bare legs wide, revealing a luxuriantly brown-furred cunt. She cupped Dinah's chin. "Hey, sweetie," she said. "I'm gonna put that noisy little mouth to some use now."

"Hello, Mrs. Starnows—" Dinah began, but I didn't learn the rest of the older woman's name because she had pulled Dinah's face down and wrapped firm thighs around her head, sighing with pleasure as the girl's mouth went to work.

I sat down in sight of the orgy in progress, and suddenly noticed that I was very tired. I leaned my head against a fallen log. Apparently the latter part of the Game was well underway throughout the field—I could hear distant groans, slaps, shrieks from a half-dozen locations around us.

My eyes closed. The cries around me rose and broke and rose again like surf noises, counterpointed by the rustling of wind in the leaves and the humming of the cicadas.

I opened my eyes. I was on my side. The torch was guttering, about to go out. Dinah, nude and sticky, was curled up against my chest, breathing contentedly. I put an arm around her, brushed my lips against her neck, and she murmured happily. I drifted off again.

A warm female body was on top of me, a mouth was nuzzling at my throat. "Hey, Dinah," I said sleepily.

The mouth bit down. I yelped and my eyes shot open. "Bad boy!" Emily mumbled with her mouth still clamped on my neck. The torch had gone out, we were alone in the clearing.

"Oops." I said.

Apparently forgiving me, she kissed me warmly on the lips. "Game over, sleepyhead. Lets go home.

We stopped at the main clearing to collect Emily's clothes, then headed home,.Walking back hand-in-hand., we told each other about our adventures. When we got home, we showered briefly and collapsed into bed together.

The next morning, I awoke to find that Emily had already left to teach a sailing class. She got home while I was making myself some lunch, and handed me a little blue envelope. "From Dinah," she told me.

"What is it?"

"I dunno—but I think it's a thank-you note."

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