It was very early morning on Nantahack Island, and very slowly I was waking up, sleep rising and falling from my brain like waves on a beach.

Blue dawn pressed against my eyelids; metallic birdcall came though the open window. I turned away and pressed my face against the warmth of Emily's back, nuzzling at the short hairs on the back of her neck. My cock, half-hard from some forgotten dream, found the groove of her ass and pressed along it. She murmured in distant pleasure or mild complaint.

I slept.

Emily's soft lips pressed against my stiff, dry ones, brushed my eyelids. The tip of her tongue flicked playfully across the end of my nose.

"Hey," I croaked.

"Oof! Morning breath!" she giggled, and scooted down under the covers. The heat and moisture of her mouth found my left nipple. I groaned in pleasure. Then her head was laid sideways across my chest, a pleasant weight.

I slept.


Emily's knee jabbed at my thigh as she attempted to scramble on top of me.

"Sorry," she murmured perfunctorily, then began to gnaw at my neck. My cock at once began to swell.

"This is my wakeup call?" I said.

"Noh ah aww," she mumbled through a mouthful of trapezius. "Doh mih me. Keeh sleehing." She lifted her hips for an instant, then descended again, trapping my hard-on between our bellies, and began grinding against it.

"That may be tricky," I said. And then: "Ooh!" as her groin slid against mine at a particularly pleasurable angle.

"Oh, " she said brightly, releasing my neck. "Well, if you happen to be awake already." She scrambled up until she was squatting nude on my chest. "Cold!" she complained as the bedroom's air hit her skin. She limboed back gracefully, obscenely, displaying the fleshy dark petals of her cunt to my ever-hungry eyes. Craning a bit further, she grasped a corner of the down comforter at the foot of the bed. "Hah!" she cried, and sat upright again, wrapping her head and shoulders in its bulk, a bottomless babushka, peeping mischievously out of her voluminous hood.

With some wriggling, a hand snaked down through the comforter's folds, and appeared over her genitals. I watched, rapt as always, through still sleep-clogged eyes as she pressed on her mons, displaying her clit hood. She leaned forward until her forearm rested on the headboard, then angled her pelvis until soft bushy pubic hair, then damp soft labia were pressed against my face. Thus positioned, she rotated against me, catching her breath then releasing it in small gasps.

Perversity motivated me to passivity. She was getting pleasure from me to be sure, but I still wasn't giving he what she wanted.

"Lllliiiick" she insisted, somewhere between a demand and a plea, drawing out the single syllable to something more like three.

I took a deep breath through my nose, opened my mouth, and pushed at her clit hood with my tongue, pushing the soft flesh back over the rigid tissue underneath. "Uh-huuuh" Emily sighed. Then the flat of my tongue dragged slowly, lightly, along the very tip of her clit. Her hips shuddered and a hand reached down to grip my hair fiercely.

We found a rhythm together, her hips rocking lightly against my face, my tongue tip stroking the length of her clitoris steadily. She tried to ramp our speed up, but I resisted, holding her to that slow, teasing beat, then I paused and worked my mouth further down, pressing her lips open to find the opening, where her fluids were starting to flow. I jammed my tongue in as far in as I could, my nose rubbing against her clit, my neck straining to hold the position. My hands gripped her firm little ass as I played the hummingbird to her honeysuckle and she twitched and yelped, her thighs trembling against my ears.

After a moment, the strain on my neck was too great, and my head fell back to the pillow. Emily pressed her clit against my mouth once more. "Make me come, Vinnie," she whispered, "Please. " One of her hands was pressing on her mons to make her clit stand out; the other was gripping my hair painfully. The comforter was mounded, forgotten, across my chest. Rolling my eyes back, I could see that her forehead was resting against the headboard.

Our hips had found the same rhythm, her mound grinding against my face, my hard cock pumping against air, my face smothered in hot moisture and musky smells.

Her stomach clenched, her ass tightened in my hands. Against my chin I could feel her cunt surge as her Kegel muscles clamped down. Emily whimpered through clenched teeth, then dismounted and slumped against me, pulling the comforter back over us with one hand.

"Thanks," she murmured. "That was yummy."

"Yes, it was," I said, and kissed her deeply to share her taste; she responded eagerly. "That was really hot. Feel." I guided her hand to my still-rigid cock. She grinned, then gripped it firmly, and I gasped in pleasure. "I didn't know you were capable of being so quiet," I mused as she started to stroke me.

"Well, when there are cats in the house, you want to be careful about running the can opener, especially if you're already running late."

"Running late?" I said, confused.

"Yeah. I'm supposed to be down at the docks in five minutes for a paddling class. " She scooped up a drop of my pre-come with her fingertip and popped it into her mouth, then sprang out of bed.

"Do you mean like boats," I said, "or—"

She interrupted me. " I'll see you tonight, okay?

I didn't like this much, but rather than arguing, I took hold of my cock and humped up against the ring of my hands, fixing her with an exaggeratedly plaintive, mournful look.

She grinned. "Save some for me," she admonished. "I'm not though with you yet."

I continued to jerk off as she got dressed, writhing and groaning as I went. If she was gonna tease me, I'd do what I could to return the favor. At last she zipped up her backpack and hefted it, looking back at me, her eyes sparkling, her face still flushed from her recent climax.

"Bye, darlin," she said, and kissed me on the mouth, then leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking fiercely for an instant, while I continued to stroke the shaft, groaning at the heat of her mouth.

Then she was upright again. "Teasing cunt," I hissed between my teeth. "Yup," she said happily, and dashed out the door.

I set to getting myself off in earnest, as the sound of her running down the stairs and out the door sounded through the house. I closed my eyes and summoned the memory of her cunt pressed against my face. I became conscious of a sensation that had been growing for several minutes: I needed to piss, badly.

This presented a bit of a dilemma. I could keep going, leading to an orgasm muted by the distraction, and followed by an intense, unsatisfiable desire to urinate for several minutes before I'd actually be capable of it. Or I could interrupt my masturbation, piss after a much shorter detumescence interval, then come back and resume. Both were frustrating prospects.

After a moment's indecision, I stood and shrugged into a bathrobe, then stood with my hand on the doorknob, waiting for my erection to subside enough for a moderately decent dash down the hall.

In the bathroom, I decided to brush my teeth first, to buy my cock another minute to switch roles effectively.

As I brushed, I heard the creak of floorboards in the hallway, then Emily's sister Tina entered without knocking. "G'morning," she yawned, shutting the door and leaning against the window frame. I made vague noises through a mouthful of foam. Her luscious curves were draped in an enormous, old, much-washed tee shirt with SUNCAT on the front. No bra, clearly—when she yawned and stretched, her breasts rolled about hypnotically. Whether she wore anything below was, by a couple inches, tantalizingly unclear.

"Scoot over," she demanded, bumping her hip amicably against mine and reaching across for her toothbrush.

"Eyeff huffa," I began, spat toothpaste foam into the sink, and tried again. "I'm gonna need to, uh..." I gestured towards the toilet.


"To pee."

"I don't mind," she said brightly, and began to brush.

I rinsed my mouth. Maybe I can hold out a few minutes I thought, and felt the pressure in my bladder increase another notch, as if in protest. Well, I have fucked her, I argued back, I guess this isn't an inappropriate intimacy My cock twitched a bit at the memory of pounding into her bound body in front of an audience of family, friends and neighbors.

Quit it, you I told it, and untied the bathrobe. The front fell open, and my cock flopped out, swollen but flaccid. I took hold of it, aimed, glanced back at Tina. She was gazing eagerly at me, toothbrush poised but unused. My cock, ham that it is, swelled a bit more at the attention.

"Can I do anything to help?" Tina offered.

"Can you be boring and unsexy?"


"Then no."

"Okay." She began to brush her teeth at last. I closed my eyes, visualized folding laundry, attempted to recall the quadratic formula. I released my bladder, and, after a moment, piss fanned out from from my cock and drummed against the rim of the bowl, just below the lip.

Tina squeaked at the sudden sound, but continued brushing

When I finished, I wiped the head of my cock on a square of paper, and flushed, then jostled up against Tina at the sink for room to wash my hands. I hadn't bothered to re-tie my bathrobe yet.

"Boysh are neash" she gurgled through a mouthful of suds, then leaned over and spit, barely missing my hands.

"Maybe so," I grumbled, "but we're ill suited to certain sorts of multitasking."

"Aww," Tina cooed in mock-sympathy. "Did I make it ...hard for you?"

I was torn between my general perception that hitting on your girlfriend's little sister is generally unsafe and ethically shaky, and my acute awareness that local mores were rather more relaxed in these matters. "You are being very distracting," I told her.

"No, I'm not," she said. "I'm just being a little distracting. Do you want me to be very distracting?" She hunched her arms forward so that her tits rolled together under her shirt."

"How would you go about that?" I said recklessly.

"Well," she said, "I'm still wearing too much to be very distracting." Her thumbs pulled her t-shirt up at the hips until they hooked pale blue underpants and tugged down.

She spread her legs slightly, and the panties dropped to the floor One leg stepped out, the other kicked up, and the crumpled shorts were in her hand. "There," she said, and reached up and pressed the gusset against my cheek,. It was hot and a little damp. A faint smell of cunt reached my nose. "I look the same, but I think I'm distracting you a bit better....aren't I?"

"What?" I said.

She giggled. "Exactly."

I took hold of the hem of her t-shirt. "I want to see you," I said, my voice thick.

She nodded her consent, and I tugged her shirt up to her neck with enough force that she took a little step backwards to maintain her balance. Now, curly-furred cunt, broad hips, round tits were revealed. I drew breath through my teeth.

I gripped her breasts with both hands and she braced herself against the sink, sighing with pleasure at the contact. I took hold of her fat nipples and pulled, and her mouth fell open in a gasp. I sealed my own mouth to hers, sucking and biting at her plump lower lip while continuing to squeeze and massage her tits.

A hand closed on my cock, which, rigid now, was pressed against the cool bare skin of her tummy. I groaned at the sensation as her hot little hand gripped me. "God, you're hard, Vinnie," she whispered.

"Uh...sure," I quipped brilliantly.

"You like my tits, don't you?" she cooed."

"They're amazing!"

"You want to feel them wrapped around this hard-on?"

I groaned, and a drop of pre-come ran down the head of my cock, over her slowly-pumping knuckles. "Um, sure," I gasped.

"You don't sound quite certain," she said with a lopsided grin.

With an effort, I focused my brain enough to address her question. "Well, would you enjoy it?" I asked.

"You are such a SNAG, Vinnie." she teased. "How would you like it if I straddled your leg, and rubbed my slippery hot little honeypot against your thigh until I came? Do you think you'd enjoy watching me shudder and squirm, feeling my legs clamp down on yours?"

"Hell, yeah." I said. "That sounds really hot."

"There you go," she said, and took her hand off my cock. "I want you to fuck my tits, Vinnie."

She tugged off her shirt and sank to her knees on the bathmat, looking up at me with broad innocent eyes. "Ooh! You got even harder! You like having girls kneeling at your feet, huh?"

I nodded, and she tugged my cock down till it was level with her open mouth. She held there for a moment, enjoying the suspense, then lowered her hot mouth onto the head of my cock, just letting it rest in her mouth for a moment. Then she popped it out and ran her tongue up and down the underside the head sliding along the soft skin of her face as she worked.

I realized that she was slicking me up for the promised tit-fuck, but in the meantime I was groaning with pleasure at the feel of her mouth on me.

Then she rose up on her knees, licked her palm, and ran it along her cleavage, before resting my cock along the shining groove and pressing her breasts together with her hands so that much of my shaft disappeared between them.

The sensation was startlingly sweet. I groaned and my hips bucked involuntarily. My hands gripped her shoulders, hard, and I rubbed against that slick gentle pressure. She was looking up at my face with a gleeful expression. "You like my tits, Vinnie?" she whispered. "It get you hot rubbing your nasty hard-on up between them like this? You gonna come all over my face and neck this way?"

I groaned and twitched. That image was almost enough to set me on the path toward orgasm, but the sensation was just a little too teasing, the logistics of staying on my feet, of staying pressed between Tina's tits too distracting

A couple minutes of increasingly frantic thrusting later, I popped my cock out from between her tits. Her face was flushed, her eyes dilated. I could feel a thin sheen of sweat cooling my own chest. "I want to fuck you," I gasped.

"Yes please," Tina squeaked back.

I gave her my hand, and helped her to her feet, then roughly whirled her by her shoulders, eliciting a lovely little squeak. I reached up and gathered her amber curls in my hand, then pushed her head down down so that her face was scant inches from her mirror image over the sink.

I leaned in behind her, pressing my now-rigid cock against the crease of her bare ass, and gnawed at the exposed flesh of her neck. She groaned and ground back against me, bracing her hands on the edge of the sink.

My eyes lifted to her face in the mirror, jaw slack, eyes unfocused. The reflection's eyes met mine and she smiled for a moment before sinking back into the haze of sensation.

She whimpered as my hand slid up one thigh to run up the fuzzy crease between her leg and her groin. I could feel how swollen her outer lips were.

"Please," she breathed.

"Please what?"

"Please touch my cuuuuuuuuuuuh! Oh! Oh!"

"Fuck, you're wet, you little slut," I told her. "You want something in this slick little hole?"

"Uh huh!"

One finger slid in easily, and she gasped. I pulled it out, tried two. She shuddered and groaned. Out again, I sucked on my ring finger for a moment to get it as wet as the other two, then pressed the cluster of three against her opening. "Uh-huh," she repeated, groaning this time. Slowly my fingers slid in to the knuckle; my fingertips touched the firm protrusion of her cervix; curved downward to find the fleshy pad in front of it. "Yestherefuckme!" Tina demanded, squirming her hips deliciously against my hand. I thrust my fingers inside her and one of her own hands snaked down to circle against her clit.

She groaned loud enough to make me jump, uncertain who else was still in the house. I covered her mouth with my other hand, which seemed primarily to serve to inflame her further. She screamed against my palm, her cunt clamping down on my fingers, her g-spot swelling as I pressed against it. She started a series of staccato yelps and I whipped my hand out of her, positioning my drooling cock along the crease of her ass.

"Oh, you bastard, " she gasped. "Fuck me!"

I rubbed my cock along her labia, finding the angle with which to penetrate her. "You know," Amy said, "I do have a be—oh! Oh, oh, oh!"

Her hips wriggled as I pressed by tiny increments into her cunt. Soon, my groin was pressed against the cool cushion of her ass. I leaned down, reached around and held her by the throat; pulled her gently back until her shoulder blades were pressed against my chest, then angled her head up till her eyes met mine in the mirror again. I was grinning. and she immediately rocked urgently against me, urging me on to a faster rhythm. Frantic with need myself, I matched her stroke for stroke, until my hips were smacking against her ass, my hands gripping her hips with bruising force, my own groans at least as loud as the ones of hers that had so disconcerted me ten minutes before. She cried out again, and her cunt fluttered around the base of my cock.

Both her hands were back on the sink rim to brace herself against my slams against her ass; the mirror was shaking a little at the force of our thrusts. Her eyes were shut, her brow furrowed with concentration. Her mouth hung slack, and she shrieked and gasped, slamming her hips back against mine.

Once more I reached around and gagged her with my hand. Her body shuddered and she wailed into my palm. Her cunt clamped down further, and one of my strokes went awry, bending my barely pre-orgasmic cock painfully for an instant before it slid along the crease of her ass,

Hurriedly, I stepped back a bit to find the angle to reinsert my cock, but she had thrust both her hands between her legs, and jammed her knees together. Her shoulders against the sink supporting her weight, she screamed into the drain, knees shaking as she reached her climax.

It was a beautiful and inspiring sight, but I craved my own release. I reached down and tried to nudge her legs apart so I could re-enter her.

"Gimmie a sec," she gasped. Then: "Y'know what time it is?"

I checked my watch. "Quarter of nine."

"Ohmygod!" she shot upright. "I am gonna be so late!"

"I'll try to be quick—" I began.

She looked around, noticed my erection, still rigid and purple, still shining with the juice from her cunt."

"Oh, you haven't come yet!" she cooed sympathetically.

"No, I have not," I said a little testily.

"I will so make it up to you. I totally, totally owe you. Thanks, that was awesome." and she was out the door before I could compose a reply.

I looked in the mirror, where my erection still bobbed with my pulse. "Shit," I said.

What now? A return to Plan A was the obvious choice. Return to bed, and spend some time with the smell of the sisters' cunts on my left hand while I jerked off with my right. Something in me rebelled, though. I'd been passive long enough. It was time for me to take a little initiative.

But first, it was time for me to take a little shower. Authorities on these matters recommend cold under such circumstances, but I wasn't actually looking to cool my ardor—just contain it a bit longer. Plus, you know, cold water—eek.

It was a much cleaner, somewhat more collected, entirely more clothed Vinnie who came downstairs twenty minutes later. Pam Upham was doing a crossword puzzle at the kitchen table. "Good morning,Vinnie," she said brightly.

"Good morning, Mrs. Upham" I answered. "If there is such a thing. Which I doubt."

"Really?" She grinned. "It sounded like a pretty good morning from down here. And please: call me Pam."

I was starting to get used to remarks like this. I wasn't quite ready to go into detail about my morning, though. "It had it's rewards... and it's frustrations," I said after a moment's weighing. Then I noticed the smell coming from the mug at her side. "Is that... coffee?" I said, as my caffeine demon unfolded itself within me.

"Sure!" she stood up, her cotton v-neck sweater revealing formidable cleavage for an instant. "Can I get you a cup? "

"I would kill for coffee," I confessed.

"I actually don't need anyone killed at the moment," she said, getting another mug down from the cabinet.

I saw a conversational opening and hesitated a moment, butterflies rising in my gut. Then I leapt: "Any other services I can perform for you instead then?"

She turned around, French press in one hand, mug in the other, and looked me in the eye. At her grin, the anxiety started to flow out of me, my cock thickened in my shorts. "What are you offering? " she purred.

For a moment, I must confess, libido and coffee jones did battle within me. After a brief, fierce struggle, the former won—for the moment— and I stepped into her personal space, not touching yet, but very close. Now was the time to be bold, I sensed.

"My cunnilingual skills have been well reviewed by a couple experts," I said, "including at least one whose opinions I think you respect."

To my surprise, she looked uncertain. "Hmm. I was looking for something a little more vigorous. Would that interest you at all?"

"Ah," I said. "Well, you know, I had been thinking how nice it would be to strip you completely naked, bend you double on that sofa over there, pound the fuck out of you, make you suck me hard again, and then fuck you very hard and thoroughly. Does that appeal?"

"Add some slapping and name-calling, and we've got a deal."

"I think these negotiations are progressing nicely. Hand over that cup of coffee you're holding, and I'll throw in beating your luscious ass red."

Her eyes widened as she passed me the mug. "You wouldn't!" she said in mock-shock.

I took a noisy sip, "I've been dreaming of what sort of noises you'd make over my knee for longer than I care to admit."

She positively beamed. "Vinnie, I had no idea!".

I drank more deeply from the mug, then set it down on the counter.

"You lying cunt," I hissed at her, with a little smirk. She drew breath and her eyes widened. "If you didn't know the effect your ass had on me, why were you waggling it at me on Game Night like a little whore?

I took her by her shoulders and spun her around, then reached around her waist to unfasten her shorts from behind, taking the opportunity to nip at her ear.

"I have no idea what you're talking ab—OH!"

She reached back to protect her ass from further slaps, but I caught her wrists and pinned them in one hand at the small of her back, using my other to jerk her shorts and underwear down. I found that a blurry handprint was already starting to bloom on the cheek I'd struck.

"Lets see if I can refresh your memory," I said, running my free hand greedily across her broad cheeks. "This gorgeous fat ass." I struck again, and she twitched and yelped. Her half-hearted struggles pushed her shorts down until they puddled around her sneakers.

"Right after the middies pulled you for Game Night, you were shaking it at me like a bitch! In! Heat!" I punctuated each exclamation with another hard smack.

"Yes!" she confessed. "I wanted your attention."

"Shake it for me again now." I demanded,. "Show me what a shameless little slut you are."

After a moment's hesitation, she began waggling her ass slowly from side to side. "Good," I said, and smacked her ass again. "Keep going."

She arched her back and shook more vigorously. I was loving the show, cock rigid in my shorts. I spanked her in rhythm with her shaking, spreading my blows so that the entire expanse of her ass glowed pink.

I was itching to be in her, struggling to restrain myself. I slipped a hand between her thighs and she sobbed with pleasure, tossing her head. "Holy shit, Pam" I said. "Your cunt is drooling."

She hesitated a moment, then spoke: "A-actually, in this context, I think it's rather sexier if you call me Mrs. Upham. Is that dreadful?"

I laughed happily. "I like the way you think, you kinky slut." She looked down and blushed, but her ass continued to squirm against my hand, striving to impale herself on my fingers.

I shoved two fingers inside, and she humped frantically against me. Then I released her wrists, and took a handful of her short hair. When I tugged her head back, her mouth fell open, and I shoved the fingers that had been in her cunt inside. She sucked avidly, groaning deep in her throat. and breathing loudly through her nose.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear: "You got a head start on this, didn't you?

I pulled my hand from her mouth with an audible pop and smacked my fingertips lightly against her swollen cunt few times. Her whole body shuddered with each smack.

"You weren't doing the crossword puzzle at all," I accused her. "You've been sitting here rubbing this swollen cunt." I punctuated the last few syllables with a series of smacks on her labia that had her yelping and bucking.

"You sounded so sexy," she groaned, "I couldn't resist touching myself."

"Well then," I said. I pulled her upright by her hair, till her head was arched back, her feet on tiptoes, and she cried out. Then, relaxing my grip a little, I guided her by her hair into the living room, loving her gasps as I tugged her head about, until her thighs were pressed against the high arm of the light blue sofa.

"And down," I said, releasing her hair and pushing her shoulders. She overbalanced and tumbled forward, face down amid the sofa cushions, hips elevated across the arm.

"Stay right there," I demanded. I stepped back, drinking in the sight of her pink ass wriggling as she worked her arms under herself on the sofa, the bushy brown hair and swollen lips of her cunt playing peek-a-boo as her legs flailed, toes failing to find purchase on the wood floor. I shucked off my clothes hurriedly, leaving them puddled on the floor.

Naked, I stepped up behind her and pushed her ass cheeks apart with my palms, displaying dark crinkled asshole, shiny pink cunt. I lined up my cock with that wet lower target.

"You want it?" I said, and rubbed the head of my cock over her extended clit.

"Oh yes!" she groaned.

"Please," I prompted her.

"Please, please fuck meEEEE!" she said, her voice rising to a wail as I buried my cock in her in one steady thrust, till my hips rested against her cheeks and I felt her wetness against my balls. I held in place there for a moment, determined this time not to emerge till I'd come, and aware of how little time that was likely to be.

Pam's legs were kicking futilely in the air as she struggled without leverage to work her ass against me. I took hold of her broad hips and worked her against my groin in short rocking thrusts.

"Fuck me, you fucking tease, she demanded.

"Tsk!" I said, "Language, Mrs. Upham." I leaned back, and gave her ass several more hard smacks, loving the sight of my cock disappearing between her thighs, her ass rolling from side to side under by blows.

"Please, please, please" she tried again. "Please fuck me, Vinnie."

"Well, when you ask so nicely," I said, and immediately began to pound against her. "Yes, yes yes!" she wailed, her hands clenched in fists.

The pleasure of her cunt milking me, of her submissive squealing and wriggling, soon had my knees turning to water, and I slumped onto her, my weight supported on her back, my longer legs giving me enough purchase on the floor that I could still smack my hips against her ass audibly with each stroke. My reptilian brain took over, and I fell into a frantic rhythm, pounding furiously at her in a haze of need, all too soon roaring and emptying my balls into her in a series of violent spasms that left me breathless, sweat-slick, and slumped on top of her.

I gulped air for a moment, floating in the haze of my release. "My ears are ringing," Pam said underneath me.

I realized that most of my weight was still resting on her back and ass. "Am I too heavy?" I asked.

"You're lovely," she said.

I flexed my cock experimentally and the head swelled inside her, provoking a groan from the voluptuous woman beneath me. I worked my hips minutely against the cushion of her ass, careful of the sensitivity of my postorgasmic cockhead, and found a delicate little thread of arousal which I followed with caution and delight, for several minutes.

It would have been the most boring porn video in the world. Slumped over her, my back running with sweat, I'd grind against Pam with millimeter-long jabs, gnawing at her shoulder while she groaned. Then I would pause and we would gasp together in silence, our sweat-slick flesh sliding and sticking by turns. By slow increments, I was eventually fucking her in long, gentle strokes, resting on each in stroke to pulse inside her for a breath before the next one.

On one such pause, she murmured, "I may not have to suck you hard after all."

"Not technically," I conceded, working my hips from side to side so she could feel how hard I was getting inside her. "But maybe I want to throatfuck you anyway."

"Oh, god," she groaned, and her interior clenched around me.

"In fact, I may need to use that pretty mouth right now," I said, and, with an effort, righted myself. "Turn over," I ordered, and she squirmed and wriggled until she was on her back on the sofa, her knees hooked over the arm. She still had her low-cut sweater on, and I vacillated a moment between enjoyment of the atmosphere of hasty dishabille that that produced, and wanting to get my hands on her tits. Reminding myself that I'd likely have plenty of opportunities for the latter at some other time, I walked around the sofa. Her eyes tracked my bobbing cock.

I pinned her unresisting hands against the far arm of the sofa, and carefully straddled her shoulders. My genitals were a couple inches above her face, and her eyes were almost crossed maintaining focus on them. "I'm torn between smearing my slimy cock all over that pretty face," I told her, "and making you lick all of our come off," I told her. "You can lick my balls while I think about which is nastier."

I leaned down a bit, and her hot mouth sealed to my scrotum, her tongue lapping eagerly at the tender skin. I sighed in pleasure, and stroked my cock with the hand that wasn't pinning her wrists. "Now lick my cock," I told her, and she angled her head upward, running her broad tongue along its length.

"Taste good?" I asked, and she nodded her head silently. "Now open wide..."

She complied, and I aimed the angry purple head of my cock at her lips, then paused savoring the anticipation. The moment the head was inside, she was sucking fiercely at it, but I pressed on. I took hold of her head and held it steady as I pushed more of my cock into her mouth until the head was up against the back of her throat. I began rocking against her there, while she sucked at me, her brow furrowed in concentration, her face flushed.

Then I withdrew, and she whimpered at the removal of my cock. A string of drool connected her plump lower lip with the head of my cock. "You want some more?" I said.

"Yes, please," she whispered, then sucked avidly as I jammed my cock back in.

I groaned at the heat and suction of her eager mouth, then pulled out again. "Damn, you're a hungry cocksucker, Mrs. Upham," I groaned. I rubbed my wet cock over her face, leaving her cheeks shining with saliva and precome. "Nasty bitch," I murmured to her. "I want to smack your pretty face."

She nodded, and my hand struck her cheek lightly. She gasped, and my cock was once more shoved into her mouth. I hit her again, and her mouth's suction increased and she groaned deep in her throat. I started fucking her mouth harder and harder, watching carefully to make sure she could take it, but she continued to groan in submissive delight, her brows knit and her mouth sealed on the shaft of my cock.

The psychological charge of throatfucking the woman pinned beneath me was enormous, but the logistical challenges of the position were daunting. Shaking with excitement, I popped my cock out of her mouth, and she whimpered plaintively.

"I need to fuck you," I said, dismounting her head, "Like now. Get on your hands and knees."

She sat up and shook her head, clearing it a bit. "What time is it?" she asked.

"Oh, no," I said. "No more interruptions. No more getting up and running. No."

"Is it after ten?" she wheedled.

Involuntarily, I glanced at my watch. It was 10:40. "What if it is?"

"The lady's croquet club is very eager to meet you..."

I gaped, incredulous. "Croquet!?" I gestured toward my rigid cock. "Do I look like I'm particularly eager to play croquet?"

She opened her mouth to reply.

"—and you can skip the mallet jokes," I added.

She stood, took hold of one of my hands, guided it to her cunt. I felt wiry hair; hot, wet flesh, the crinkly hood of her clit, then the hard little knot of her clitoris itself. She gasped at the contact, ground herself against my fingertip. "Feel that?" she said. "You're going to make me come today, Vinnie. Several times, at least. But first you should meet the croquet club."

"I get to fuck you after the game?" I asked, relenting.

"Silly boy! You get to fuck me during."

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