Passing through the creaky screen door, my first impression was of
clutter. Not mess, but a daunting array of things, close packed on
shelves that covered every visible surface. It was only when my eyes
had had a moment to adjust that I noticed the moans coming from the
back of the shop.
    Tina's mom had given me a shopping list for items from the 
Nantahack Island General Store. Eager for a break from the complicated 
entanglements of my girlfriend's stunningly debauched family, I had 
jotted down directions and set out, enjoying the briny summer air of 
this strange little New England island. I poked my head around a metal
shelf, and saw a nude figure on a counter, squirming at the 
ministrations of the person between its legs.
    I was about to back out of the store (honest!), when the fellatrix
lifted her head, revealing a narrow, alert face, and met my eye.
    "'Scuse me!" I squeaked, "I'll come back later.'
    "Nonsense!" She stood, adjusting her fleece jacket. The boy beneath
her whimpered piteously at her stopping. She waved me over. "I was
just finishing up."

    The boy on the counter had glossy black hair decorating his pale 
skin at his groin and beneath his arms, dusting his nipples. His
surprisingly thick cock bobbed with his pulse, glistening in the
shop's dim light. "Don't you want to ... uh ... finish, then?" I asked,
gesturing to his straining member.
    She chuckled gently. "Nah, Tim's too much fun to tease. It'll be 
a few hours before I let him come." The tips of her fingers played 
lightly around the corona of his cock, which jerked and twitched, 
desperate for more contact. Muffled groans came from the boy on the 
counter. His mouth appeared to be stuffed with some black satin
material. I glanced at her wrinkled peasant skirt speculatively.
    "But," she said, leaning forward, "what can I do for you?"
    I gestured vaguely at my crumpled list. "I'm good," I said 
uncertainly. "I'll just pick up a few items and let you guys finish."
    "You can't take your eyes off what I'm doing to Tim," she said.
"Are you wishing I was doing it to you, or wishing you were doing it to 
    It looked like this errand might take longer than I'd expected. 
Nothing on Nantahack ever turned out to be simple.

     In addition to being a Yacht Club episode, this piece is a 

     As always, I'm eager to hear what you thought. More reader
     feedback often means more followup chapters. Thoughtful criticism 
     just might mean better followup chapters.

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